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Hi, I'm Scott Sandarg. Welcome to my profile!

Scott Sandarg's Bio:

Dental implant expert and inventor.  Health and dieting expert.

Dr. Scott W. Sandarg, DDS - Oral Surgery, Grafting and Dental Implant consultant/inventor.

Health and Fitness expert.

Real estate rehab., buy / sell and manager.

Treating patients like family and with the utmost care and respect - this is important to me.

Wrote and Published Book:  "Diets Don't Work" (weight loss)

MMA Wrestling Champion - In addition to competing all over the country, won World Championships in Brazil (2001-2002).

 - Scott Sandarg



Scott Sandarg's Education:

Scott Sandarg's Interests & Activities:

Dental Surgery, Bone Grafting and Dental Implants inventor & consultant; Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Wrestling Champion. Real estate investing. Sports and fitness.

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